Monday, February 26, 2007


Buckingham palace(London)

London Street

London 's famous Black Taxi Cabs are recognised all over the world. The first motorised Cabs came on to the streets at the turn of the century and in 1907 meters were introduced to measure charges.

Buckingham palace(London)

The Big Ben

Big Ben's tower houses is one of the most accurate mechanical clocks in public use.
One of Britain's most familiar landmarks, the clock-tower above the palace of westminster, home of the Houses of Parliament, is universally incorrectly known as Big ben.

The name Big Ben actually refersto the 13,760 kg bell hung within the clock - tower, named after the first Commissioner of Public Works, Sir Benjamin Hall.

The bell has had a remarkable history and it came originally from the old palace of Westminster. It was given to the Dean of St.Paul's Cathedral, another outstanding London landmark, by king WilliamIII.

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