Friday, June 30, 2006

Funny Joke

God's Help!

There once was a flood and everyone had reached safety except for one man.
He climbed to the top of his house with the water lapping at his feet.
A helicopter flew over his head and hung down a rope for him to climb, but the man was deeply religious and said, "It's alright! The Lord will save me!"
So the helicopter flew away. The water continued to rise and a boat came to him but, once again, the man shouted, "No! Go AWAY! the Lord will come and save me!" and, once again, the boat sped off.
The water was getting dangerously deep by now so the helicopter came back and, on cue, the man repeated, "I don't need saving! My Lord will come"
Reluctantly, the helicopter left.
The rain continued to pour, the water continued to rise and the man drowned.
At the gates of heaven, the man met St. Peter. Confused, he asked, "Peter, I have lived the life of a faithful man - why did my Lord not rescue me?"
St. Peter replied, "For pity sake! He sent you two helicopters and a boat!"

Monday, June 26, 2006


وقتی خداوند شما را به لبه پرتگاهی هدایت کرد، کاملاً به او اعتماد کنید
چون یکی از این دو اتفاق خواهد افتاد
او شما را می گیرد اگر بیفتید یا اینکه
یادتان می دهد چگونه پرواز کنید
صدفی به صدف دیگر گفت: درد زیادی در درونم احساس می کنم . دردی سنگین که مرا عذاب می دهد . صدف دیگر با غرور گفت : ستایش خدای آسمان ها و زمین را ، که من هیچ دردی در خود ندارم ، خوب هستم وسلامت . در همان لحظه خرچنگی از آنجا عبور می کرد و صحبت آنها را شنید رو کرد به صدف از خود راضی و گفت : بله ،تو کاملا خوب و سلامتی ، اما دردی که همسایه ات را می آزارد ، مرواریدی بی نهایت زیباست که تو از آن بی بهره ای

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.


Dreams of the future...
Dreams of hope...
Dreams of what will come to pass...
A walk in the forest...
A stroll by a stream...
Romance in the firelight...
Dreams of a love that will last...
These dreams, oh Lord, grant to me.So I may find happiness at last.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Luck is the belief in an organisation of fortunate and unfortunate events. Luck is a form of Superstition which is interpreted differently by different individuals.
A happens (I wear my lucky shirt) and then B happens (something good)Therefore, A caused B
An alternative rationalist approach to luck is to contrast it with control. Luck is that which happens beyond a persons control.
Everything that seems on the surface to be an evil may be a good in disguise. And everything that seems good on the surface may really be an evil. So we are wise when we leave it to God to decide what is good fortune and what misfortune, and thank him that all things turn out for good with those who love him.

دوستی و تعابیر مختلف آن

یکی از چارچوب‌هائی که بشر برای تامین خود درجستجوی آن است،چارچوب عاطفی است و دوستی که مفهوم مطلق آن،نیازانسان‌هاست.برای شناختن شخصیت، اگراز اشخاص بپرسیم چند تا دوست صمیمی دارند می‌گویند دوستان زیاد داشتن، موفقیت است زیرا تسلط بر شرایط اجتماعی را نشان می‌دهد و برونگرائی و اعتماد به نفس.اشخاصی که از فقدان دوستی می‌نالند، مطلق می‌نگرند و تنها می‌مانند یا روابط سطحی برقرار می‌کنند.عامل دیگر در بی‌دوست ماندن،انتظار نزدیکی بیشتر از حد از یک رابطه است.دکتر کامکار می‌گوید غرض از هر دوستی منافع شخصی است و کسی که از آزاریافتن در دوستی شکایت می‌کند، مشکلات شخصیتی دارد

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

های و هوی باد

آهوان را هر نفس از تيرها فريادهاست
ليك صحرا پر ز بانگ خنده صيادهاست

گل بغارت رفت و چشم باغبان در خون نشست
بسكه از جور خزان بر باغها بيدادهاست

غنچه ها بر باد رفت و نغمه ها خاموش شد
هر پر بلبل كه بيني نقشي از آن يادهاست

باغبان از داغ گل در خاك شد اما هنوز
هاي هاي زاريش در هوي هوي بادهاست

گونه ام گلرنگ و چشمم پرده پرده غرق اشك
لب فرو بستم ولي در سينه ام فريادهاست

مهدی سهیلی

Monday, June 19, 2006

"The evil eye" in various languages

In Hebrew and Arabic it is called עין הרע ayin ha'ra عين حارة (the evil eye, with ha'ra carrying the connotation of that which is unlawful or wicked);

in Yiddish this is variously spelled ayin horoh, ayin hora, or ayen hara.

In mainland Italian the term is malocchio (the evil eye or bad eye), in Neapolitan maluocchje, and in Sicilian jettatura (the casting or projection [of evil from the eye]).

In Spanish it is mal de ojo, ojeriza or el ojo (evil from the eye or just the eye),

In Brazilian Portuguese olho gordo, which literally means fat eye, an allusion to those who want more than what is really needed for their well-being.

In European Portuguese, it is called mau olhado (evil look).

In Bulgarian it is uroki (уроки) or zli ochi (зли очи).

Greek has baskania or matiasma, Turkish nazar, and Macedonian loshoto oko.

In Persian the expression is bla band (the eye of evil), nazar-e shaitaan (the eye of Satan)

In Urdu there is an expression chashm-e bad door meaning 'may the evil eye stay away'.

In Tagalog masamang mata.

In Romanian, it is called deochi (ochi meaning eye).

In Latvian, it is called ļauna acs.

In Hungarian, it is called szemmel verés (i.e. casting an evil eye, literally: beating with eyes).

A Vision of Our Destiny

It is comforting to realize that the universe is truly our home because we have a vital link with every part of it. No longer need we feel a sense of separateness as we look upon sun and moon and the starry hosts -- nor does it end as we look beyond the Milky Way. so we must share all the light that has meaning for us with those around us.

Have you ever wondered: What is our purpose in life; why are we here on Earth; what will my destiny or fate be?

Many people believe destiny is a fixed timeline of events that is inevitable and unchangeable.
Others believe that they choose their own destiny by choosing different paths throughout their life.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Golestan barrier in Mashhad


اگر داشته باشی زندگی زیباست اما اگر نداشته باشی زندگی سرد و بی روح است مثل یک کوه یخی

Feel or Think

If you remember only one thing for the rest of your life, let it be this: It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you because you are not going to allow someone else to tell you how to act, feel or think. What is more important than anything else is that you are the person you tell yourself and believe yourself to be. Don't let anyone else tell you who you are, you tell yourself who you want to be.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best Friend

She is the best friend that i have here. She is japanese but studied Architecture in Australia. During weekends we get together,mostly outside.This weekend she is coming over to my home and promised to cook some japanese food. She liked the iranian food that i cooked for her last time when she came to my home.We spend time talking about each other's culture and different dishes from our countries. She likes to talk about movies also.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Night Safari

It's world's first and only night-time safari park.The twilight holds many surprises ... and more so at Night Safari, where you can look a rhinocerous in the eye or hear the howls of a pack of striped hyenas. There are over 1,200 animals of over 110 exotic species to watch out for. The animals are in 8 zones that recreate various geographic regions like the Southeast Asian rainforest, African savanna, Nepalese river valley, South American pampas and Burmese jungle.
The drama and mystery of the tropical jungle comes alive after dusk, at the world’s premier Night Safari. Creatures from South America, Asia, & India greet visitors from their own naturalistic enclosures, which simulate that of their own homeland.

Its state-of-the-art animal enclosures use natural barriers rather than bars of cages to divide the animals and their human visitors.

Musical Fountain

Meet singing and dancing octopus and jellyfish and the beautiful Princess Pearl who will cast her spell on you with her siren song. Thanks to amazing special effects – a combination of state-of-the-art lasers and computer graphics, water jets and fiery flames – your ‘Magical Sentosa’ experience will be quite unforgettable.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Under water world

The Underwater World oceanarium on Sentosa in Singapore is home to more than 2,500 fishes from 250 different species. Start your tour with the Touch Pool for some ‘hands on’ experience with starfish, stingrays and if you dare, baby sharks. Then venture into the ocean depths via a moving travellator that ferries you through an 83-metre-long acrylic tunnel. All around you, sharks, stingrays, eels and schools of fish glide past – engrossed in their own world. For those who don’t mind getting wet, interactive programmes such as ‘Dive with the Sharks’ or ‘Dive with the Dugong’ are available upon advance booking.
In Dolphin Lagoon, you’ll get to see the highly intelligent Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins in their natural environment. Observe them through a series of interactive, feeding and training sessions specially designed to demonstrate their natural abilities of tail-walking synchronisation. You can also have a fantastic view of world’s finest pink Dolphins.Lucky visitors might even score a peck on the cheek, or a chance to wade next to them, fully supervised by the trainers, of course."Meet the Dolphin" sessions take place at 1.30pm, 3.30pm & 5.30pm daily. We can also take photographs with your favorite dolphins.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Happy birthday to you jitu!!!

GOLEO VI the loveable lion is the Official Mascot of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™.He is alive, talks and thinks. And naturally, he has his own opinions and point of view, as no-one is born just to be a mascot. GOLEO VI has set himself one overriding task and has made it his sole priority: he wants the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany to be one huge, joyful and unforgettable party, spending his time as the "King of Parties" celebrating, singing and dancing with fans from all over the world for four whole weeks. He's as cool as they come, an attribute he's likely to need as his fame and stardom inexorably increase.

World cup 2006

The whole world is waiting for 2006 world cup, after all we are only a day away from the kick off. Everybody is engaged in thinking about the outcome of this cup, the question is "who will win the cup?" Can Brazil successfully defend the title and become champions for a sixth time?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Changiin, or Jewel in the Palace, is based on the story of a real historical figure changiin who was the first and only woman to serve as head physician to the King in the rigidly hierarchical and male-dominated social structure of the Joseon Dynasty.
Jewel in the palace is my favotite serial, that i used to watch every evening from channel u in singapore. it's a korean drama .Changjin, played by Lee Young-Ae. she is facing with lot of problems in her life that makes me think of my life what i had and what i earned .