Monday, May 21, 2007


Colbar is run by Lim's family since 1948. They live in the area .The Colbar is not fancy but definitely has charm and atmosphere. The interior is painted blue and cream and the walls are adorned with old posters of English football clubs and military regiments. No reservations are required and seating is open. The tables are not bolted to the floor and most people eating at Colbar prefer to eat outside and are free to carry a table outside, place it in the grass and enjoy the sunset and cooler temperatures of the evening.
Inside there is no air conditioning, only ceiling fans, and hot air escapes via the old style grills located where the ceiling meets the walls, a feature common in most colonial-era buildings. A favorite on the menu is the chicken curry but many expats order the more continental fare of steak and chips or susage and fish. The chicken curry costs S$7 which is more than a normal hawker center meal but people continue to come to enjoy the ambiance and surroundings of the Colbar.

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