Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best Friend

She is the best friend that i have here. She is japanese but studied Architecture in Australia. During weekends we get together,mostly outside.This weekend she is coming over to my home and promised to cook some japanese food. She liked the iranian food that i cooked for her last time when she came to my home.We spend time talking about each other's culture and different dishes from our countries. She likes to talk about movies also.


narges said...

fereshteh jan salam.
man weblog to ro didam.
akharin neveshtat best friend bod. mage to alan ostoralia hasti.
baram benevis.

Fereshteh said...

narges jan man australia nistam.

Homa said...

your best friend is very nice .

some day, one flower asked for god , is there a flower that hasnt spine ?.
god said : of course , dont call her .she is reading your letter.