Thursday, June 08, 2006

World cup 2006

The whole world is waiting for 2006 world cup, after all we are only a day away from the kick off. Everybody is engaged in thinking about the outcome of this cup, the question is "who will win the cup?" Can Brazil successfully defend the title and become champions for a sixth time?


jitu said...


I know you are a Brazil fan but I think this worldcup is not for them. The teams who has a chance of winning this cup are Holland, Czech Republic, Germany or Portugal

I myslef would like Argentina to win but I know they do not play well in Europe

Fereshteh said...

Iran: 1 , Mexico: 3

Iran's team played very good till 76 min, but suddenly every thing changed and during 5 min we lost to mexico.

Fereshteh said...

Saudi arabia :2 Tunisia:2

it's a good score.i wish success for Asia in this world cup.